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Today, I woke up early. So, I went walking!

I feel refreshed. And it’s the beginnng of a really refreshing week.

It has passed eight months from starting walking.

I feel like I have more time to feel happy than before.

Exercise habits are very important!!

Then,I will continue to experiment hard today!




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What I like to do…

To talk with someone

To eat something

especially, I like vegetables

To wash the dishes

To clean my room

To take You tube

To read some books

To go shopping

To walk

To cook

And to spend time with someone who are important people for me



Today, I maintained high concentration in the morning.

I walked for an hour.

I took a nap for 30 minutes.

I helped my senior experiment in the laboratory.

But, after I ate lunch, I fought drowsiness.

I was tired at night.

I got frustrated with my boyfriend and hated myself.

Now, I’m building my body to find my set point.

I want to prepare my autonomic nerves and to find myself being best performance.

I’m like this, but I’m supported by many people around me.

I remember that warmth and now I’m about to cry.

I want to say goodbye to myself who is mentally unstable.

Thank you for taking care of me like a real family.




Self-Responsibility Thinking

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Self-responsibility thinking is the most important thing to live for adults. Everyone belong to some groups. Family, school, company, and so on. Belonging to something means everyone can change their world.

My life is composed of research and family. In my laboratory, I am the youngest person. So I have a lot of things to do. I have to take care of people around. If someone need some help, I help them. If someone make some reagent, I also help. My schedule is filled with help with the experiment. I have to do my experiment in gap time. It was hard to get used to. But now, I can afford to observe people and to think a lot of things. I talk with teachers and international students. They make me happy. I can get new ideas. By acting, I enjoy my life.



Anna Kamei

I study in master degree. My major is food allergy. I like to research and I want to be a great researcher in the future.