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Food allergy is the state that our immune system react to the specific food protein. For example, nuts, milk, wheat, egg , and so on. These protein are also source of nutrition. Originally, our immune system don’t work to food protein to take in nutrients. But when something happens, our immune system become to attack to harmless food protein.

The symptom of food allergy is various. In my case, first, itchy mouth. This state continue for about 10 minutes, may be. Perhaps it continue for an hour. I don’t know how long continue. I feel very discomfort. After that, I have a stomachache and vomit. Fortunately, these are all. Some people experience lower body temperature. Some people may experience worse condition.

We should not think lightly food allergy.



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Anna Kamei

I study in master degree. My major is food allergy. I like to research and I want to be a great researcher in the future.