My Fasting Challenge for 7 days

Anna Kamei
2 min readMar 22, 2021
Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

This time, I tried the 5th fasting. And for the first time, it was a 7-day fasting.

I completed master’s degree in March. So, I think that March is the preparation period to be a reborn as a new self. I heard that after 7-day fasting, various cells were reborn and thinking changed, too. So I thought that trying a 7-day fasting in March is the best choice for me.

If I say I’m not worried, I’ll lie. Because I never experienced 7 days without eating. Ever.

With each passing day, poison in the body went around the body. Cold limbs, heavy legs, it was hard to walk. It was so tiring.

I didn’t think I want to eat. I didn’t feel hungry. But I just wanted to chew.

Why I try fasting?

Why did I decide to challenge for 7 days?

Why do I even have such a painful feeling?

Every day I thought.

I didn’t get the answer.

I didn’t get the answer, but I wanted to make people happy.

To make people all over the world smile, to make people around the world happy, I want to research.

I think eating makes people smile. People with allergies or not have the same right enjoying eating. I want all of them to enjoy their meal.

Relationship between food ingredients and immune cells

Relationship between food ingredients and intestinal epithelial cells

That’s what I’m most interested in.

By researching about the relationship between food ingredients and allergy,

I want as many people as possible to smile,

I want as many people as possible to know the joy of eating.

In April, I will go on to a doctoral course and I will work hard on research to bring a smile all over the world.



Anna Kamei

I study in master degree. My major is food allergy. I like to research and I want to be a great researcher in the future.