My Living Proof in January

Anna Kamei
2 min readJan 26, 2021
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

・I can show myself as I am

… Until now, I was wondering how it would be seen by people. That’s why I wanted to show myself well. I was scared to ask a question and to say my opinion. But I’m not myself who cares about people’s eyes. Who I am?

When I thought that, there were people who told me “Natural self is the most attractive. Anna, you have a mysterious friendliness that makes me feel like you’ve been there for a long time. That’ a great attraction. I hope you will continue to be in the sun.”

I was very very happy to hear that. They were the first people who acknowledged that I was myself. It was a moment when I thought I was okay as it is. Instead of pretending to be someone that I am not, I want to improve my true self.

・I came to take things at my own risk.

…Other responsibility thinking? Self-responsibility thinking? It’s a perspective I’ve never thought of before. For example, when I help others experiment, sometimes he mistakes something. I thought it had nothing to do with me. But “the thinking” is the other responsibility-thinking exactly. I would miss the opportunity to grow.

Although it’s not perfect yet, I am aware of self-responsibility thinking. Without thinking that someone will do it, I do it.

If there is garbage on the roadside, I pick it up. If someone forgot something to do, I think he might not forget if I told him something.

When my thinking changes, the way we see things changes. Self-responsibility thinking enable me to see things to which others are blind. I want to continue to be aware of self-responsibility thinking.

・I realized that it is important to connect with people.

…I’m happy when I talk with someone. And meeting someone who I want to connect with forever happens when I take care of the space with people.

I didn’t like to connect with people before. I thought it was a pain to interact with people. But I wanted a close friend who could talk about anything.

Don’t you think it’s a contradiction?

Yes, ever since I met fasting, I hope to change myself. I take care of the connection with people and I want to expand the circle with people. Each encounter with a person has meaning. I want to be a person who can take care of people I meet.

These are points I noticed in January.

I admitted that I am myself, and I fell in love with myself a little.

Thank you.



Anna Kamei

I study in master degree. My major is food allergy. I like to research and I want to be a great researcher in the future.