My Notice about Presentation

Anna Kamei
2 min readJan 22, 2021
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Recently, I had a presentation about my master’s thesis.

It was my first presentation and it made sense for me.

Here, I write my notice.

First, presentation and questions and answers are a kind of conversation.

If I didn’t answer the question from some teachers, what should I do?

One day before the announcement, I thought that.

But I noticed that it was wrong to think that way thanks to my master.

The teachers who judge my master’s thesis are very busy.

But they are bother coming to ask my presentation.

So I should think how to make meaningful time.

Even if I had no idea the question, I should be conscious of dialogue.

How much I think about my experiment?

How enthusiastic about my experiment?

How seriously I am facing the question?

How to deal with what I don’t know?

I thought that teachers were looking at this attitude.

I don’t have to know all answers.

But I take care of my time with teachers.

Let’s cherish the opportunity to get to know my experiment.

I was able to make an announcement with that in mind.

The day of the presentation has finally come.

Presentation 15 minutes, question and answer 15 minutes.

My time has begun.

When I wanted to tell and I wanted to talk, I wasn’t nervous.

Time passed in no time.

Although sometimes I couldn’t give a clear answer, I answered consciously how much can I understand in this experiment and where do I not know

Then, a teacher said “Thank you for your polite answer. It’s an interesting study.”

When I heard this, I was so happy. Because it’s the moment my research was transmitted.

Through this experience, I learned a lot of things.

How to prepare the presentation, attitude at the time of announcement, how to tell and so on.

I value this learning and I want to make use of it in the next announcement.

Thank you my master, thank you teachers, thank you people involved!!!



Anna Kamei

I study in master degree. My major is food allergy. I like to research and I want to be a great researcher in the future.